Liyna Boucher is an accomplished French chef based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up in France, Liyna spent much of her time in the kitchen with her grand-mère. Watching her grandparents cook at an early age and eventually learning their ways inspired Liyna to become a professional chef. After completing culinary school and spending years perfecting her craft in her home country, Liyna immigrated to Canada in the mid-2010s with her husband and two children to follow her dream of opening her own restaurant and bringing her family’s traditional French recipes to Vancouver.


Just a few years after arriving in Canada, Liyna made her dream a reality. She opened her first French restaurant in Burnaby, British Columbia. Liyna Boucher’s restaurant was an instant hit and became quickly well-known among locals. On the heels of success, she decided to expand and opened a second location in downtown Vancouver. 

Today, Liyna Boucher owns and operates two restaurants in the Vancouver area, with the hopes of expanding even further. Liyna has built her restaurant brand around the idea of family. Her restaurants boast a warm and welcoming atmosphere — the kind of dining experience you would expect at a family dinner. Patrons come from far and wide for a taste of her culinary genius and the delicious family recipes that are so dear to her heart. 

Hobbies and Interests

Liyna Boucher is also actively involved in the French community in Vancouver. When travel is permitted, she regularly takes trips to Montreal and France to explore new culinary ideas. Boucher aspires to combine the French and Canadian cuisines together to build a whole new taste palate.