“I really love what’s happening right now with fusion food. Chefs and people at home are getting creative with the food they’re making, incorporating different cultures and styles into a single dish. I love the creativity behind this, and I hope that this trend will continue in the culinary industry. I think French food offers many opportunities to incorporate creative ideas into traditional dishes. After all, French cuisine is a collective art, with each generation adding something new to the dishes we all know and love.”

Professional Chef Liyna Boucher has been cooking French cuisine ever since the earlier days of her career. After migrating to Canada in 2010, Chef Liyna continued in her craft and incorporated traditional French recipes into modern preparation methods. Still, she has never forgotten her roots and still recognizes the value of authentic French cuisine.

“I love the endless opportunities to be creative. Some chefs stick to the classic dishes and cooking styles that they know. But, if you’re willing to be creative, the industry will definitely reward you. In this time of technology and social media, the more creative you can be with your food, the better. I love that that’s possible. There are too many industries that don’t allow for creativity, so I feel lucky to be involved in such an imaginative profession.”

If you’ve never had crepes, you’re missing half of your life! Some may consider it a cousin of pancakes, but they’re entirely on a league of its own. French crepes have a thin, chewy, and unique texture, a perfect breakfast or snack option for those who want something lighter than starchy pastries. Professional chef Liyna Boucher is the go-to expert for crepes and many other French cuisine options